David Sergey Grigoryan

Hello Future Me! It was a long time since we’ve talked about productivity and time is a precious commodity this days, don’t worry I’m not proud of how busy I am lately but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to pay if I see returns, speaking of returns - How did we do in future?

In any case, here is how I spend most of my mornings on a weekedays:

  • 4:40 - 6:30 - Wake up. Quality sleep is precious, so I’m not willing to sacrifice it every day and that’s why I have nearly 2 hour window. And you should too!
  • Coffee and Strategy time - Spend some time reviewing today’s tasks, see if anything can be accomplished immediately, delegated or has to be added to list of to-dos.
  • Gym - 4 out of 5 times a week I go to gym, alternating between HIIT/Cardio or weights.
  • At least one morning I skip gym and experiment with code for couple of hours.
  • Before work I spend another 20 minutes setting work-specific items in order.

That’s it. As you see I’m experimenting with loose morning rituals this time. Ironically I found it harder to regiment my day in Frankfurt and I have to say I miss London because of it.

Another part is that I don’t get to code at work any more. This days I have 22 people who report to me in one way or another and I have to interact with another ten people in adjacent teams. So I decided to skip a day of gym in favor of having a chance to program.

My energy is mostly positive this days, but I can’t help to enter neurotic bursts from time to time.

P.S. On the days when I go to gym, I also try to attend finish sauna, and then use bucket of cold water :) It’s fucking amazing. If we stopped doing it, consider reinstating this part of routine!

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