David Sergey Grigoryan

I decided to do a quicky! Just add a simple example of a game provisionally called - Spaceship. The idea was for a text adventure style game played in node console.

Then I realised, that eventMap and initialState have a lot of duplication, so I decided to add a functionality to the matejs:

toEventMapAndInitialState = (instructions: StoreInstructions) => {eventMap: EventMap, initialState: State}

Alright, so I started working on the functionality, but I have to go to work soon, so I decided to add a note in MD. And then I realized that default word wrap logic in Visual Studio Code annoyed the hell out of me. And I spent next five minutes configuring it.

Good news - I have a basic spec/test for the toEventMapAndInitialState so I should remember what I wanted to do tonight/tomorrow.

Morale of the story: Write tests first kids. Even unfinished specs contain more information than finished code.

P.S. I need to explore grammarly plugins for VS Code.

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