David Sergey Grigoryan

I can’t really trust Google with their new apps any longer, and by “new” I mean anything after 2010. Back in September of 2018 Google announced that they are going to sunset (and kill) their Inbox offering. For those who don’t know – Inbox was an alternative way to access your Gmail, in more Task-Oriented way.

Google’s pitch is that - Gmail now has all the features, which I disagree - Gmail is uglier than Inbox, and not as straight forward. And from their perspective they are right - they want to streamline their experience, reduce the number of entry points, and work on a single app. But as a customer - it sounds like I am at the whim of the Google, I invested years in Google Inbox, and now I have muscular memory to check, delay, reply to emails, and I’ll have to abandon all that muscular memory because somebody wants to streamline something.

I decided enough is enough, Google was shutting down apps that I use for years now, and moved all my email to Fast Mail, with iCloud and ProtonMail as my backup solutions. I can control the apps I use to access my mail, and stop updating them if I chose to do so.

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